These Grillz come as a 4 Piece,Top or Bottom You can do Any Design in store


$289.99 IS ONLY THE 10K GOLD


You can Choose any Color Gold (Yellow, White, and Rose)


in Store Purchase is Good for 6 Months to get molded in store !!







10k=41.7% Pure GoldEconomy- Hardest Gold, (Non-Dental Grade) Tarnish Level The Quickest 14k=58.7% Pure Gold Mid-Grade- Hard (Dental Grade), Tarnish Level Little Less 18k=75% Pure Gold High Grade- (High Dental Grade), Tarnish Level Almost None 22k=92.8% Pure Gold Top Of The Line- Softest (Highest Dental Grade) , Tarnish Barely None Design

4 Piece Gold Grillz 10k Most Styles Save Over $20

PriceFrom $330.00
Color & Karat Gold
Missing Teeth ? add $50 Per tooth paid at store

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    Once a custom piece goes into production, there can be NO CancellationsWe Have a No REFUND Policy.

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