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Q: How do I get fitted for grillz online without coming in to your store ?

A: you must order a mold kit when placing your order online

Q: Is molding kit free ?

A: No They cost $50 with free shipping back and forth. but In-Store professional molding is free which is highly recommended

Q: Where are your 2 locations at ?

A: Address to our locations are as followed
Store #1
110 N. Eutaw St
Baltimore Md. 21201
(Right Next to Lexington Market)

Store #2
2429 E. Monument St.
Baltimore Md. 21205

Q: How long does it usually take to make Grillz ?

A: For a regular pair it takes about 3-7 days after getting molded in most cases. Express options are also available

Q: Can you make diamond Grillz?

A: Yes we do

Q: Do you do permanent gold teeth?

A: Yes we do ! Appointments are recommended

Q: Do we have to pay in full at once?

A: No, we have different in store payment methods. 1/2 payment to start and 1/2 when completed In store only . Online full payment is required. Call us to see what method fits you best. (financing available)

Q: Can I get Grillz even if I’m missing teeth or have cracked teeth?

A: Yes, we specialize in making your smile perfect again! Recommend to come in store
Prices are Usually $50 per missing tooth or cracked tooth

Q: Can you ship out of country?

A: Yes we do worldwide shipping, prices may differ depending where you are located.

Q: What type of gold do you use?

A: We have all types from 10k ,14k, 18k and 22k. We carry Yellow, White and Rose Gold Colors.

Q: Whats the most Economical/cheapest Grillz

A: Silver 9.25 is the cheapest in price

Q: How can I get molded without coming to the store?

A: Home Molding Kits Available on Website.

Q: I have a custom design I want and I don’t see it online.

A: no problem we can make any style for Best experience come to our store.